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Whether you’re a student purchasing your first condo, scaling up or down to fulfill the changing needs of your family, or downsizing in preparation for retirement, let the team at Navigator Law put your mind at ease.

At Navigator Law, there is no legal problem that can’t be solved. We’re expert problem solvers with 20+ years of experience in creatively and fairly reaching resolutions. Accuracy and responsiveness are paramount to how we operate. We can also leverage the many industry connections we have developed in Calgary and Alberta through our years of practicing real estate law.

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What is Residential Real Estate Law?

Residential real estate law refers to legal services related to homeownership, such as buying or selling a home, land title transfers, refinancing a mortgage, and real estate law litigation.

Navigator Law also offers other real estate law services such as commercial real estate law and condominium real estate law.

How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help?

Buying or selling a residential property can be an exciting and emotional experience. The details of making such a major investment can also be stressful and complicated. A professional and experienced real estate lawyer can help give you peace of mind and guide you through every legal step of the process.

A real estate lawyer can ensure your rights and interests are protected and prevent any legal issues when dealing with real estate transactions.

Finally, a real estate lawyer can help you conduct a detailed land title search, help you understand all the legal documents required, and advise you on any legal complexities.

Our Real Estate Law Services

At our law office, we provide advice and support for all your legal needs related to residential real estate law. We can help protect your assets and save you money by providing you legal advice

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying a new home, selling your home, or buying recreational real estate, Navigator Law can guide you through the legal process.

Real estate transactions are typically made via a real estate purchase contract. Industry-Wide, Realtors in Alberta utilize a standardized contract. If your transaction does not involve a realtor, a lawyer can review the contract that is offered by the purchaser.

Selling your Home

Many real estate sales contracts are conditional on a lawyer review before being finalized. It is a good idea to get a real estate lawyer to review the sales contract, as it is a legally binding contract and lawyers can help detect any issues and ensure you fully understand what the contract terms mean for you.

When assisting sellers of real estate, our process is as follows

  • 1. Opening the real estate file, including tax and title search and a request for a payout of any debt and mortgage associated with the title.
  • 2. Drafting the seller’s transfer of land and other relevant documents.
  • 3. Bridge financing if there is a lag time between the sale of an existing home and the purchase of a new home.
  • 4. Coordinating with the buyer’s lawyer to transfer land for registration.
  • 5. Coordinating the payment of funds to complete the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need legal advice before signing a purchase contract?

Since a real estate purchase contract is a legally binding contract, it is a good idea to get a real estate lawyer to review the contract before signing. The lawyer will make sure you fully understand the terms of the contract.

How can spouses register ownership of a home?

Most couples choose to register their title as joint tenants, which means if one spouse dies the other automatically inherits the property.

It is also possible to register the title as tenants in common, which is useful when more than two people own a property. Tenants in common means that each owner separately owns part of the home that can be sold or left to someone else in a will without the consent of the other owner(s).

What are Dower Rights?

Dower rights are defined by an Alberta statute called the Dower Act. It prevents the selling or mortgaging of a matrimonial home without the consent of a spouse. In order for a spouse to consent to the sale of a home, he or she must sign a document with consent before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.

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